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“Fore Group has demonstrated that hard work, professionalism and commitment to your career does not need to compromise the most important things in life – family friends and having fun. The Directors and Senior Management have always shown that it is possible to be diligent, organised and knowledgeable but also how to stop, take a breath and not worry about things that can wait until tomorrow. Fore Group is supportive, honest, intelligent and inclusive team which I am extremely grateful and proud to be a part of.”
– Lionel Hayden, Site Foreman

“I made the move to Fore Group just over a year ago, and to date has been the most rewarding year of my career. Working with a team who gives support and guidance as well as the freedon to make decisions without scrutiny is amazing! Having a young family it was really important for me to work with people who actually believe in work life balance and family time as a necessity not just a catch phrase.”
– Chris Ceccato, Site Manager